• Acupuncture is a 'valuable treatment' for people who suffer from tension headaches .

    Acupuncture for headache - a review, published by The Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health, 1/3/09.

    Dr Adrian White is a Clinical Research Fellow at Peninsula Medical School. In this article, he summarises the findings of recent research on acupuncture for different types of headaches .

    Headaches are common - in fact, the most common symptom experienced by the human race. There are various causes of headache, and of course careful conventional diagnosis is necessary in case the headache arises from some dangerous disorder - in which case acupuncture is not appropriate.

    Most headaches fall into two general categories - tension type headache and migraine. These problems can persist for years. The two types of headache are clearly different, and most research investigates one or other type. In individual patients, however, it may be difficult to decide which type they have, and indeed some people may have both types together.

    Acupuncture is widely used as a prevention for tensionheadaches, and generally involves a course of treatment sometimes with continuing top up appointments.

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