Acupuncture effective for headaches

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Acupuncture relieves headaches

Migraine Action - Acupuncture in the news

Posted 28/01/09

New research into the benefits of acupuncture has been featured in many newspaper articles, on GMTV and national TV news programmes over the past couple of days.

A review of 33 trials, involving nearly 7,000 people, showed that patients who underwent the alternative therapy did experience relief from headaches and migraines

However ‘sham’ acupuncture, where needles were put in places other than the traditional pressure points, was shown to be only marginally less successful than normal acupuncture.  Both forms were as powerful as drugs in relieving the pain of migraine.

Researchers believe this is due to a strong placebo effect, and that the selection of specific needle points may be less important in acupuncture than has previously been thought.  However, they also noted that more research was required.

The British Acupuncture Council have commented: “This review is very positive concerning the way acupuncture can help headache sufferers.  It describes acupuncture treatment as more effective than painkillers or preventative drug treatments.

“The review also concludes that acupuncture is only slightly better than sham.  Sham acupuncture is not inert and not a placebo but merely another version of acupuncture.  There is no ‘fake’ acupuncture and there is no credible evidence that the effects are ‘mostly in the mind’ (Daily Telegraph).”

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