NHS to promote acupuncture for back pain

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Millions of people who suffer from low back pain are to be given the right to ask for acupuncture on the NHS.

GPs will be told to offer their patients the traditional Chinese practice, as well as other treatments like osteopathy and chiropracty, as an alternative to conventional remedies like exercise….

Although some individual GPs currently refer patients for complementary treatments, the recommendation constitutes the first time the rationing body has encouraged its use. Its draft guidance says anyone whose pain persists for more than six weeks should be given a choice of several treatments, because the evidence about which works best is so uncertain…

Paul Robin, chairman of the Acupuncture Society, a professional body representing practitioners, said the therapy worked “fantastically well” in relieving back pain.

Read the full article and some of the controversy involved on the Telegraph website - NHS to promote acupuncture for back pain.

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